The New trailer of Avengers Endgame dropped out of knowhere(Apologies for lame pun) and we cannot breath or talk.

The trailer dropped few minutes ago on YouTube and it gives so much new to gush, talk and hype about. The trailer starts on tragic yet non giving up vibe note, as it progresses you can see avengers assemble in assumed quantum suit.

Do not miss the END, for Thor and Captain Marvel.. (Wonders if it is too early to ship for them?? )

The trailer has so many things that watching them over and over again does not even justify the hype. Lets pin down what trailer shows, shall we?

  • It starts with Iron man recalling his start as Ironman, it looks like the message is for Pepper Potts where he is stating how the journey started, and how tony thought he will be able to pull this one last time.
  • Then cut to glimpse of Pre-Super Soldier Steve Rogers, with voice over of Peggy Carter quoting The World has changed, none of use can go back. (Yes the dialog is from Captain America Winter Soldier, where Setve meets her on Hospital Bed for the First time after waking up from 70 years of Ice Freeze Sleep.)
  • We see Clint Barton training archery to teenage looking girl (Yes! We assume it’s his daughter too) while Peggy continues All we can do is our Best.
  • Then Clint in form of Ronin is shown being talked down by Natasha while holding his hand and that is when we here Peggy state Sometimes the best that we can do is to START OVER
  • Thor remembering Odin and Asgard.
  • We see avengers and our loved heros turning into dust one more time.
  • Captain inspiring the team(Banner and Natasha) that some move one, not us.
  • We see Scott Lang looking at the Missing Posters with confusion and shock (Seems like this is just after he has been managed to come out from Quantum Realm)
  • We see our Heroes one by one gearing up to fight the Mad Titan or whatever it may take to turn around things.Thor, Scott, Natasha, Clint, Rocket, James, Steve and finally Tony as the Voice over says Whatever it Takes.
  • Cut to Avengers HQ, where we see our heroes in suit that is assumed to be Quantum Suit. Following the lead of Captain, We see Scott and Nebula, Clint, James, Natasha, Tony…. (Yes we see Nebula and Tony with Avengers, which means they have survived in space, somehow managed to find their way to earth and has left their civil war issue behind to fight the greatest danger of universe.)
  • The Avengers logo is formed from the dust… (Is it because Avengers are going to undo the The Decimation? )
  • At last we see Carol turn as Thor walks towards her, raise his arm to call for Storm Breaker, as it arrives, thor looks at Carol, who hardly flinches and smiles. And trailer ends with Thor saying “I Like This One”