New Trailer Alert!!!! 

The special look teaser has been dropped few minutes ago and it gives glimpse of the Surviving Avengers discussing the plan.

Lets pin down what the new trailer shows, shall we?

  • It starts with Bruce Banner saying, “If we do this, we’d be going shorthanded” 
    • [Bruce is probably mentioning lack of people and heroes here to fight against thanos, as half the universe and many heroes have been wiped out.]
  • James Rhodes replying, “Yeah you mean cause he killed all our friends”
    • [It looks like James is answering bruce for what he said, but that may not be the case.]
  • We see Natasha sitting in rain stating “We owe this to everyone who is not in this room to try”
    • [Though we see Natasha sitting out, the voice over hints that she is saying this as the survivors are discussing possible plan and whether to do it not, probably same time when Bruce and James stated earlier.]
  • Glimpse of Steve looking in Mirror is shown as the Marvel logo is formed.
  • The voice over probably of Tony states, “It’s not about how much we lost, it’s about how much we have left.” meanwhile….
  • Devastated Rocket and Nebula hold each others hands.
    • [This aches our hearts, if you have seen Guardians both volumes, you would know these two have hated each other. Now that Nebula has lost Gamora and Rocket has lost the idiots that were only family to him, it is such an achingly beautiful moment as they support each other.
  • Pepper hugs Tony, Suddenly we Tony flying in the Iron Man armor over city.
    • [Pepper rushing towards Tony will be emotional scene. As much as we know from previous movie Pepper is pregnant and all that she knew was he is missing after Dr. Strange came to pick him. Man this sends chills this reunion would be emotional.
  • We see Clint and Natasha as voice over says, “We’re the Avengers, we gotta finish this”
  • The storm breaker scene with Thor and Carol from previous trailer is teased a little
  • All avengers(Steve, Tony, Natasha, Rhodes, Scott, Clint, Rocket, Nebula) stand up and look at something or someone.
  • Hold Your breath for this moment. We see Tony and Steve in front of each other… as tony asks Do you trust me, Steve replies I do and they shake their hands.
    • [They are together in same frame after Civil War, this will be either most cheered or most tear jerking scene in theaters]
  • Avengers fly in a quin-jet towards a planet, the pilots are none other than Rocket and Carol
    • [This was very much expected and it’s looks pretty savage]
  • Tony looks at Picture of him with Peter as the voice over of Thanos says, “You could not live with your own failure.”
    • [This does break a heart little as we recall the I don’t to go moment]
  • It continues, “Where did that bring you? BACK TO ME!” as we see, Nebula and Rhodes looking at something from spaceship, glimpse of Rocket looking scared, Thor shocked, Steve fallen on ground with his shield, Thanos appearing.
  • Tony, Steve and Thor walking towards Thanos who is sitting in wreckage, as Avengers Endgame logo is formed.
    • [This could be either before or final battle as the Three Mains walk towards Mad titan. Thanos is sitting alone on tormented wreckage of a Planet. This moment could be either when they reach Thanos’s retirement place or after when may be the Thanos lose?]

With that we complete trailer breakdown… We have seen countless times by now.

How many times have you seen it yet? Let us know in the Comments.